Admission Average

The innovative program of economic lyceum (EL) is a program, which has a separate application. In case, that a student wants to apply on the innovative program EL and the standard program EL, we are speaking about two applications.

Applicants write entrance exams (the share of which is 60%) in the national deadlines, and both certificates from the eighth grade and from the first half of the ninth grade of elementary school are taken into account.

It is importat to have in mind, that the number of students in each study year effects the criteria of admission. The more students, the harder the admission criteria, for example the greater number of points for admission or even a better average of certificates.

Averages from 2023:

  • Overall Math grade point average of admitted students = 36 points
  • Overall Czech grade point average of admitted students = 40 points
  • The last applicant had a Math grade point: 25 points
  • The last applicant had a Czech grade point: 35 points

These terms might help you, as interested students and as future applicants, in orientation and to measure your results with results of students from 2023.

We wish you good luck with the admission and with future study, whether here or elsewhere. :)