Innovative Economic Lyceum Program


What cross-sectional days are?

The Cross-Sectional Days are ones of the main pillars of the EVA program. They prove and learn, that the best preparation for life is a cross section through the subject and a combination of topics, that were taught separately on the other school so far.

The Cross-Sectional Days are happening in every semester. It is not a condition that is must be just one day. During this time the students are released of the school for the whole morning and they work on the task. By the task we mean a project with a focus, which connects more subjects. It is usually being processed in groups. The result of student's activity is presented. 

The forms of Cross-Sectional Days aren't limited. The professors are always able to invent very interesting forms of projects.

The final mark of the Cross-Sectional Day is separately highlighted in the certificate in the end of the semester.