How does the graduation on EVA work?

The graduation in EVA consists of three parts:

  • English didactic exam (replaceable with an PET or higher-level certificate)
  • Czech didactic and oral exam
  • comprehensive exam

The comprehensive exam is represented by a project in which the following components are manifested:

  • essay in Czech language
  • written and oral thesit defense in English
  • presentation of our portfolio
  • focus on economics (accounting)
  • focus on a chosen subject (the subjects are opened according to interest of each year, in 2022 there are, for example, social sciences, geography and IT)

The development team is currently trying to make the graduation projects of the students more usable in practice. Students start their graduation thesis already in the third year, which may sound a little premature, but I can say from practice that the end of the third year is absolutely ideal for starting the graduation thesis. Presentations will take place during the fourth year, where the student will present what he has achieved during the given period and what he has achieved, this motivates him and his classmates to work. Thanks to this, the opponent's first assessment will be moved to an earlier date, and students will not be stressed about mid-term papers.

More detailed information about optional subjects and the division of the exam is in the presentation "New Model of the MŠMT".