Innovative Economic Lyceum Program



We know from the chapter SYLLABUS AND ASSIGNMENTS, that on EVA we don't use tipical 5 grades. We evaluate if a student complies the necessary level and if he has necessary knowledge and skills or if he complies this level above the needed standard. 

And that's it, we think that is all you need. We noticed that students are more and more often demotivated of the tipical scaling, which they are used to from childhood. But why it's necessary to show student how much he does or doesn't know about the topic, when all you need to know is if he does or doesn't comply the necessary requirements.

We know that not everyone is the same and we all have our differences. That's why is our evaluation costumized the basic level and the level above standard for those, who are really interested in some subject and they would actually even continue with this focus on university.

Except results we also evaluate process of how the student worked. Not everyone is able to comply every assignment, so we're also taking into consideration how his process looked (if he consulted during the time he work on a project or if his way was correct. Thanks to that, student like this has an opportunity to get better grade in certificate.

In process we evaluate activity and method, how the student progressed.


the output exceeded the necessary level according to the specific criteria, the student proved a high level of developed  competencies

S the output complies the specific criteria and the student proved necessary level of developed competencies

Z the output doesn't match the specific criteria and the student didn't prove necessary level of developed competencies

N  not rated (in case of not absolving specific assignment)


V  the student proved high effort and commitment, he worked above standard

S   the student proved effort and commitment, he worked actively

Z   the student didn't pay attention in a sufficient extent, the level of commitment or activity was low

N   not rated (in case of insufficient amount of informations needed for evaluating of process)

Conversion Table

This table sirves for conversion of grades in case of transfer to different school. The grades are not conversioned during the semester or in the certificate.