from the current students

Reviews from the STUDENTS

  • The program is mainly for students who want to develop mainly in managerial skills - time planning, group work and more. It wants to get used to it for a while, but after a few months there will be no problem with it. The professors try to be as accommodating as possible.
Aleš, 3C
  • The EVA program is good for students who want to focus on their knowledge and what they will learn. It is not good to focus on grades, but mainly on projects, although professors obviously support diligent students. But it is necessary to prepare for the time devoted to study and projects - but the selection helps to meet the assignments that students enjoy. The program is at the beginning, so it is still being developed, so you can develop the program with us.

Patricie, 2C

  • The EVA program helps students organize time and work - a big plus in their personal lives. The projects that take place at the school contribute to the student's social skills, personal development, speaking (presentation) in front of a larger group of people. We also participate in projects that are for a good cause! But you need to be prepared for this program to take more work. The results of projects/work often come over time, which can be demotivating for some. But in the end, it's worth it.

Lucie, 2C