How does the strengthening work?

Everyone is different and everyone has different preferences. The most important thing is the uniqueness and diversity of the students, and we support this idea. Therefore, we try to satisfy students as much as possible in their study preferences. From the second year of our program, there is an opportunity to strengthen any subject.

What does it mean? If a student likes a subject during the first year or already knows in advance that he would like to develop above the standard of the required effort, he has the opportunity to strengthen the subject. There are no maximum strengthened subjects. On the SYLLABUS card, you may have noticed the numbers in parentheses on the sample syllabus. These numbers show the number needed to the S and V evaluation in the case of strengthening.

In the case of strengthening, in addition to the higher number of fulfilled conditions, the student is also required to make a greater effort and commitment.

How does the weakening work?

Due to the above-standard effort, the energy must be compensated somewhere, so students have the opportunity to weaken some subjects. For weakened subjects, students are exempted from the optional syllabus assignments. However, their best mark can only be a evaluation of S.

It is possible to weaken a maximum of 3 subjects. However, if the number of strengthened subjects is less than 3, the number of weakened subjets must correspond to the reinforced subjects.