Within my own iniciativity of idea, which came in November 2021 and later my graduation project of 2022, I want to thank primarily:

To Mr. Klínský, who supported me in the whole project and helped me to realize it, from a practical and informative point of view. He helped me to get all the information, which were missing and he verified the whole website in the end. My opition is, that the whole project of EVA, which was created and realized by Mr. Klínský and Mrs. Beránková-Císařová is very benefical and important for another improvement of a modern education.

To The Headmaster, who authorized and supported the whole project by the financial side of the school fund.

To Mr. Hais, who helped me to get all remaining information of the school leadership and the general information from the technical point of view. He also provided met he content for the card "photogalery" and helped me to promote my website in the official school website.

To Mrs. Štěpánová, who did a really great job of verification the whole website in and english version.

I also want to thank to every profesor, who operates in an EVA program and who appreciated my work and contribuate ideas or helped from the content side.

The EVA program means to me a lot, because I see the essence of efective and still improving manner, how to educate in modern way. From my opinion, from the point of view of a student, it has the biggest benefit to learn the way so the maximum from education and attitude, which we build for work in school, we can use in our future employment. If technology develops and the most appreciable skills and properties are analytics, critical thinking, colaboration and cooperation and a time-management, then the best idea is to teach them since the school and prepare students on the real world. By the name of this project, I want to appreciate the work of guarantors of EVA. By my opition, this is the work that has the meaning and important heard.