Innovative Economic Lyceum Program


for applicants and current students

Let's Tell Something More about The Program

EVA is a study program on the economic lyceum, which stands on the modern methods of education. There are many alternative methods of education, let's focuse on ours. Our program is naturally focused on the economic education, which means, you won't miss subjects such as economy, accounting or business. They are taught differently. Part of our program are the cross-sectional days, which combine knowledge of various subjects. EVA has started in September 2019.

EVA stands on many pillars, for example: different structure of teaching or interconnected knowledge, which you can find in the card PILLARS. For the beginning, I would describe EVA on one specific example. Apart for perfectly knowing  what to expect from the upcoming semester, such as how many tests and assignments will be needed, when will they take place, what will be discussed etc.; I also have my own school work schedule created according to me and my possibilities and preferences. 

As a student of innovative economic program, I create a project on a specific topic. My professor explaines the assignment thoroughly and lets me work with the time deadline. In many cases the work is assigned so that I can dive into the topic and understand the true meaning of my work. During my work I have a chance to consult my process, so that my professor could guide me in the right direction. The form of the project is in some cases assigned, but in others I can chose my own outcome and sometimes even a topic. And what is the result? Efficiently grasped and done work which I understand and can pass on my knowledge. My work can then be used for other study purposes.

For Whom Is EVA Suitable?

From the perspective of EVA students, we see that the EVA program suitable for students, who:

  • like to deepen their knowledge,
  • like to work in groups, who want to discover their role in group work and will be happy to develop their role,
  • are independent, can plan their schedule and responsibilities and are able to synchronize them with others,
  • can work above the required standard for their own interest,
  • would like to try all sorts of forms and outcomes when creating projects, because the standard notes in their notebook are no use to them,
  • would like to perceive the professor's approach more as a guide than a carrier of informations,
  • rafuse to be evaluated by the classic five degrees, which can be inpersonal in some cases.

Who Should Look for a Program Other than EVA?

From the perspective of EVA students, and based on our own experience, we recommend a different study program to students, who:

  • prioritize other activities than school and who want to dedicate time for school only on the required level,

  • want teachers to assign precise assignments and tasks,

  • prefer traditional teaching methods,

  • will appreciate fundamental information in one place, preferably pre-prepared, serving as a basis for their learning.

About The Standard Economic Lyceum

The economic lyceum has two programs, the standard program and the innovative program EVA. The basis of economic lyceum is quality general education with the basis of professional education.