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On the 7th and 8th of December there are going to be another Project days. They are planned on the same basis as the November project days, because the method and organization have proven themselves. The proposed topic, which could become the selected topics, are for example:

The latest issue of Herold News is focused on ecology. You can read about the environmental impact of the fashion industry or the environmental aid organisation 4ocean.



On the 25. of January 2023 the sophomores and juniors presented their best current projects on the event Best of. Except the inspiration for the freshmen, the projects were also evaluated.



On January 18, 2023, the OAHS school ball took place in the Lucerna Palace. Among other things, you could see the matriculation of the first years, the raising of the fourth years and the midnight surprise of the fourth years at the prom.

In the fourth volume, entitled Political events, you can read, for example, about a critical view of Elon Musk, politics not only for young people, or about fashion and science.

Students of the senior year of EVA currently have graduation projects in progress which they will shortly present and defend in front of the graduation committee. Check out the names of individual graduation projects of EVA students!

The student company Brum and his friends has been operating since September 2021 and is the only student company this year that continues to operate and is very successful. Check out their products on the website!