THE ORDER OF THE LION OF VRŠOVICE and its holders for the year 2023


In June, during the presentation of the graduation certificate, the graduates were not only expected to have a ceremony, but also to present some with the Order of the Vršovice Lion. There were specifically four students from the field of EVA.

The Order of the Vršovice Lion is an award for exceptional contribution to the school, exceptional academic or sporting results. More on the website of OA Heroldovy sady.


Martin Kareš

"When we worked on the Black Sheep Heroldové Sady project, we had no idea that it would become something big. However, after the video report was watched by the professors, we received a lot of positive feedback. During the conversation with the director, he mentioned a future reward of some kind. At first, we expected the director's praise, but when we didn't receive it at the end of the year, we let the reward slip from our minds. Receiving the Vršovice lion award was more of a shock to me at the end of secondary school than an expectation."

Awarded for sports representation and for the Black Sheep Heroldové sady project

Martin Mach

"I was surprised that my work at and for OAHS would be recognized in this way. It is an award for 4 years of active approach to the academy and its school and extracurricular activities.
Veni, vidi, vici. The magnate and the pimp of OAHS"

Awarded for the Black Sheep Heroldové Sady project

Anna Průšová

"I did all my work for the school absolutely naturally and in a way that made sense to me. I like to help people and I like to help them most at the stage when most of the problems are just forming - at the very beginning, which can be, for example, the school environment and the first duties and responsibility. I am grateful that I could see under the hood of the whole system and help make it practical."

Awarded for the development of the EVA program

Aleš Větrovský

"Of course, I am pleased with the award. But the most important thing for me is that our Heroldova Black Sheep project reached more than just my classmates. I believe that I have left at least some positive mark on OAHS. This has always been a priority for me, which I tried. I think that thanks to this award I can say that I succeeded."

Awarded for sports representation and for the Black Sheep Heroldové sady project