Which subjects will you encounter?

In the freshmen year, there are basic subjects, such as mathematics, physics and chemistry, Czech language, literature, gymnascits, social sciences, history, English language and a second foreign language. The education is further enriched with subjects focusing on knowledge and skills in the field of economics, such as economics, technologies and electronic and written communication (writing on the computer with all ten fingers).

In the sophomore year, the chemistry will be replaced with biology, and in the subject of electronic and written communication students deal with official and personal letters. The subjects of accounting and geography will be added.

In the junior year, chemistry will replace physics again. The subject of economics is divided into theoretical economics and practical (business).

In the senior year, the number of subjects will be reduced to an absolute minimum. Mathematics, economics, foreign languages, literature, grammar and gymnastic remain. Due to this, consulting seminars will be added. The student chooses 2 seminars for personal development, for example at university. In addition, he has two consultation seminars for the graduation thesis, one with the topic of economics and the other with a topic chosen by the student himself.